Only 2% of Internet users could solve it; can you find ‘Your Name’ in this picture?

Move over spotting Panda, or finding 6 words, or spotting the exact color of the date, this new quiz has left Internet bonkers! This last puzzle of the year 2016 is going viral for all the good reasons.

This image has left people scratching their scalps, but only a handful could solve it in less than 10 second. Unlike other puzzles, all you need to do is locate your name. Yes, its well-hidden in there…

Experts say that if you can find your name in this puzzle then you’re in the top 8% and one of the smartest people in the world.

If you look closely, and you’re way too intelligent then you’ll even find your name thrice in there.

And, if you couldn’t- here’s the cheat sheet…


A TV actor came forward and busted the ‘masculinity myth’ about “Men are expected to be Macho”!

We often hear about women coming forward and accepting their traumatic situations openly, but we seldom hear a man coming out and say, “Yes, I cry!”

TV artiste turned Bollywood actor, Eijaz Khan in his interview to a TOI, shared about he cried after his break-up and how he wanted to give up his life…

“We were two amazing people at different phases in our lives. The root cause of our relationship falling apart was my psyche. It started going downhill during ‘Laut Aao Trisha’. I played a dark character, who turns bitter after losing his wife and daughter. Somewhere, the lines blurred between real and reel and our relationship suffered. I had to undergo therapy for depression, and it made me realise that I was superimposing my childhood memories to play the part. I also realised that all my issues are deeply rooted in my childhood. I had unresolved issues with my parents after they parted ways. My aunts took turns to look after me. I never had a strong bond with my parents. I was always looking for someone to hold on to, some sort of an anchor. Coming back to Natalie, we remain cordial. I never loved anybody like I loved her — like a child, my equal, a friend, travel partner. I don’t think it was right for me to expect Natalie to give her precious time to our relationship. I would have also advised her to focus on her career if I were her family. I am the only person who knows the real Natalie. After she left, I was very disturbed to the point of not wanting to live anymore. I would lock myself up in my room for days on end. As actors, we are emotionally fragile. On top of that, we men are expected to be macho and strong, no matter how broken we are inside.”

Top 8 Royal Weddings In The World

Royal people are also some of the most-respected and followed ones in the world, almost like celebrities. It is therefore, natural that their weddings draw attention from all corners of the world.

A wedding is one of the most beautiful ceremonies of every couple’s life. Two people deciding to give each other the time of their lives while agreeing to share in each other’s happiness and sadness- how sweet, isn’t it? Well, what adds all the more charm to this beautiful affair, is the grandeur with which it is celebrated all across the world.

And, the following list is an account of some of the greatest royal weddings the world has seen and that drew maximum attention from the world.

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6 Signs Your Liver Is Making You Fat

For many of us, losing the extra pounds becomes more of a headache than hard work. Despite several diet plans and rigorous workouts we fail, did you wonder why?

Most would connect slow metabolism and excessive weight gain to indigestion and stomach related issues, but what they don’t know is the fact that weight gain can also be a result of liver problems!
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2-month-old baby Lachlan born deaf reacts to his parent’s voice for the first time!

All parents would agree that each moment spent with their baby qualifies to be a special one.

But, for Michelle and Toby Lever, watching their 7-week-old baby Lachlan hearing their voices for the first time, was no less than roaming around in heaven.

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7 Affordable Weekend Trips from Delhi!

This weekend seems like a true bliss for many, especially the ones who have Saturday-Sunday week offs, thanks to the two national holidays falling on Monday and Thursday.

So, if you were clever enough to apply for the 3-day leave in advance, then you may have full 9 day holiday! And, even if you didn’t, then you still can take a day off on Friday and go up for a 4-day long weekend.

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Importance of Maha Shivratri Vrat During Shravan

Believed to be Lord Shiva’s beloved time of the year, Shravan Mass, holds a sacred position in the Hindu calendar. It is considered to be the most auspicious months of the year.

During this month, Lord Shiva’s devotees observe fast and do ‘Rudra-Abhishek’ puja, in order to please him and seek his blessings.

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